Veethree Instruments brought to you by Classic Distribution

News Release

Classic Instruments known for world class custom instrumentation and providing innovative engineering as well as new product development to the Hot Rod Industry for the past 33 years, is pleased to announce they have become the Master Distributor of Veethree Instrumentation and sending units to the Hot Rod Industry.  Veethree recently acquired Teleflex’s Gauge Division located in Sarasota, Florida and will continue to supply previously existing product to the Hot Rod Industry along with Veethree’s complete offering of gauge and sender products.

The association of Classic Instruments and Veethree will create a competitive edge for our customers by blending the proud manufacturing heritage of both companies and utilizing Classic Instruments focus of the Hot Rod Industry.  Initially four series of Veethree branded gauge sets are available through Classic Distribution.  They are known as Premier Black, Premier White, and Amega and Genesis series all featuring domed glass lenses and polished SS bezels. 

Below are the part numbers associated with each gauge kit that include 3 3/8” 120 MPH speedometer and 2 1/8” fuel, temperature, voltage and oil pressure gauges.  The kits come with ALL the necessary sending units for installation, they are suited for a GM application and even include an adjustable 240-33 fuel sending unit as well as GM style pulse sensor.